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Fall 2017 League - Game 1

Game 1: Team Red at Cobra Kai Floorball Club

Both teams were VERY shorthanded, so after some roster finagling and Cobra Kai borrowing a ref so they could have enough players, the game was on. Neither team had any subs, so this game was a good ol' fashioned Iron Man. At the half, Red led 6-3 on the power of 5 goals from Red Captain Kyle, but Cobra Kai rallied in the second to tie the score 7-7. The last six minutes were a slugfest, but both goalies were up the task and kept the game at a stalemate.

Final Score
Red - 7
Cobra Kai - 7

Game 2: Vikings at Green Armadillos

Game 2 saw a few more subs on each bench, and saw a ton of speed on the floor. The Armadillos jumped out to an early lead, and were looking strong at the half, leading 5-3. The Vikings came on strong in the second half, and an Armadillo penalty late in the half led to some exciting moments with the Vikings only trailing by one late, but they couldn't convert.

Final Score
Vikings - 8
Armadillos - 9

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